Wedding Trends for 2017

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We have been researching wedding trends for this year 2017, to help couples see in which direction to focus their wedding decor and details. The colours, the lighting and what is no longer fashionable from weddings of previous years.

Here is a short list that may help you find inspiration!

Vintage is still present at weddings in 2017, but Romance and Glamour has been added to it. The long rustic style tables gain ground and the industrial style begins to stomp when choosing a place to celebrate the big day. Other trends to take into account are ecological and sustainable weddings, which will gradually gain strength for those in this new stream.

Palacio de los Cordova - AWOL Granada






You can also choose a French theme inspired by the Parisians; sweet, romantic, luxurious, elegant or the simplicity of the countryside.



Of course the protagonist of 2017 is the colour green in all its variants.




The maid of honour dresses and bridesmaids are going to be different styles, so that each lovely lady has a dress to suit her figure. The back of the dress will be the hi-light this year, be it with rhinestones like necklaces or simply with a good neckline. Cape like veils are also a trend for this season.





Wedding cakes will become more simple, as the “Naked Cake” and “Drift Cake” style gain ground in all versions the fondant starts to disappear.  When choosing decoration, less flowers will be used on cakes and tables, green garlands are a more economical option.  As green is the protagonist of this season, moss takes strength when it comes to decorating, we can find it in natural environments, and it’s also very versatile and economical at the same time.

naked cake


The bridal bouquets and the bridesmaids, will be simpler using wild flowers and lots of greenery.


We hope this has helped you for your wedding in 2017!

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