Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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As wedding planners we can organise your perfect wedding but it doesn’t stop there, now you have all those anniversaries to celebrate!  We all know the big anniversaries, Golden, Ruby Diamand…   But what about all the years in between?  We have listed all the traditional gifts, flowers and gems so you can choose the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse.

1st Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:        Paper

Suggestion:               How about a plane ticket for a romantic weekend away?

Flower:                      Carnation

Gemstone:                Mother of Pearl

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:        Cotton

Suggestion:               A fluffy bathrobe for those cosy nights in by the fire.

Flower:                      Lilly of the Valley

Gemstone:                Garnet

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Leather

Suggestion:               This one is easy with lots of options – clothing, watches, belts, shoes, purses, bags

Flower:                      Sunflower

Gemstone:                Moonstone

4th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Flower or Fruit

Suggestion:               A basket of fresh fruit or a bouquet of flowers will always go down well.

Flower:                      Hydrangea

Gemstone:                Blue Topaz

5th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Wood

Suggestion:               A tree or if you don’t have a garden a bonsai !  Also wooden trinket boxes or carved ornaments make great gifts

Flower:                      Daisy

Gemstone:                Rose Quartz

6th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Sugar

Suggestion:               Who doesn’t love Chocolate!

Flower:                      Calla

Gemstone:                Amethyst

7th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Wool

Suggestion:               Hats, scarves, socks  and other items of clothing

Flower:                      Freesia

Gemstone:                Onyx

8th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Salt

Suggestion:               Sea salt, bath salts, salt & pepper pots

Flower:                      Lilac

Gemstone:                Tormeline

9th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Copper

Suggestion:               Jewellry, cookie cutters, weather vanes

Flower:                      Bird of Paradise

Gemstone:                Lapis Lazuli

10th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Tin

Suggestion:               Jewellry, cufflinks, picture frames

Flower:                      Daffodil

Gemstone:                Chrystal or Green Tormeline

11th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Steel

Suggestion:               Jewellry, cufflinks, picture frames, cutlery, bottle opener

Flower:                      Tulip

Gemstone:                Turquoise

12th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Silk & Fine Linen

Suggestion:               Robes, underwear, lingerie, ties, shawls, scarfs, bed linen, towels, cushions, table cloths

Flower:                      Peony

Gemstone:                Jade

13th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Lace

Suggestion:               Robes, lingerie, shawls, table cloths, shoe laces,

Flower:                      Chrysanthemum

Gemstone:                Citrine

14th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Ivory

Suggestion:               Jewellery, Cufflinks, Ornaments

Flower:                      Dahlia

Gemstone:                Opal

15th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Crystal

Suggestion:               Ornaments, Vases, Watches, Wine Glasses, Whisky Tumblers, Decanter

Flower:                      Rose

Gemstone:                Rhodolite

20th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       China

Suggestion:               Tea set, Mug, Bottle Stopper

Flower:                      Aster

Gemstone:                Emerald

25th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Silver

Suggestion:               Jewellery, cufflinks, picture frames, key rings

Flower:                      Iris

Gemstone:                Tsavorite

30th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Pearl

Suggestion:               Jewellery, cufflinks, a romatic dinner of oysters,

Flower:                      Lily

Gemstone:                Pearl

40th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Ruby

Suggestion:               Jewellery, cufflinks, a bottle of Ruby red wine,

Flower:                      Gladiolus

Gemstone:                Ruby

50th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Gold

Suggestion:               Jewellery, cufflinks, A Gold Metal for getting this far!

Flower:                      Yellow Rose or Violet

Gemstone:                Gold

60th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Diamond

Suggestion:               Jewellery, cufflinks

Gemstone:                Diamond

65th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Sapphire

Suggestion:               Jewellery, cufflinks

Gemstone:                Sapphire

70th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift:       Platinum

Suggestion:               Jewellery, cufflinks

Gemstone:                Platinum


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