OFO Bikes in Granada

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A new bike sharing service has started in Granada, Spain in December 2017 with 1000 of these yellow OFO bikes let loose on the streets of Granada! .

OFO Bike in Granada, Spain
This is additional to the 250 O Bikes released 2 months previously.

For 1 month the Ofo bikes were free! –

“During the first month the use of Ofo were completely free, simply downloading the application, and then after that having a cost of 0.35 cents per half hour, with a maximum cost of € 5 per day.”

The first weekend they were on the street 3 of us set off on an AWOL challenge – to meet up, get 3 Ofos and cycle to Pinos Genil (8.6km). Our OFO (Over Forties Outing?) began Sunday midday and we soon found our first OFO using the map in the App. We unlocked it successfully (after figuring out you need blue tooth switched on) and then realised you can only use the App once per bike, this means every cyclist must have a Smart Phone. Unfortunately one of us didn’t but as he had his own bike which he quickly collected, it wasn’t a problem. Onto the next OFO find and we were sickened! We found one that had been seriously ‘beaten up’,

Vandalised Ofo Bike

Not to worry, the App soon found us 1 more bikes nearby and so we headed off down the River Genil to Pinos Genil.

Here’s what we learnt:

– you’re unlikely to find more than 1 or 2 OFOs in the same place,  but the App works and you can find them in close proximity.
– you do need a smart phone per bike with GPS and Bluetooth switched on.
– without ‘stations’ you’re probably always going to take some time hunting down and leashing your OFO.
– you look a bit like you’re playing Pokemon Go whilst searching for OFOs – not good.
– They have easy adjustable comfy seats but didn’t go high enough for one of our group at a very tall 6’4″. (Just as well that he did have his own bike!)
– They have 3 twist gears on the right and a twist ‘ding a ling’ bell on the left.
– They have dynamo lights that come on at dusk.
– They are not great off road, with solid rubber tyres they shake your teeth a bit.  This wouldn’t put us off going on the dirt track to Pinos Genil again though.
– People look at you and smile like you’re driving an old VW Beetle.
– We kept them unlocked whilst we had lunch, why not, they are free at the moment – but if we were paying, the whole journey would only have cost 2.80€!
– It was fun!

Setting off on OFO bikes from Granada to Pinos Genil

Cycling by the River Genil

Bikes parked up for lunch

Photography & Video by Yin Yang Studios



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