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AWOL Holidays – A Weekend Or Longer

Everything is possible in Granada and AWOL can create the holiday YOU want.

For the active, how about adrenaline packed days of skiing, mountaineering, climbing, abseiling, water sports, horse-riding, paragliding.

AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events

A relaxing holiday? A couple of days on the beach, gentle strolls around a romantic city, chilling out on sunny terraces. Arabic baths and massages to really get rid of stress.

AWOL Granada Mountains AWOL Granada Tropical Coast AWOL Granada City Spain AWOL Granada City Spain AWOL Granada Wedding Venues

Nature lovers may like a few days hiking in the mountains, surrounded by stunning scenery. Local guides can tell you about local plant and wildlife and make sure you don’t get lost of course!

AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events AWOL Granada Mountains (4) AWOL Granada Mountains (12) AWOL Granada Mountains (21)

Food & wine buffs can spend their time sampling local cuisine, or even go on a culinary course and learn to cook Andalusian style.

AWOL Weddings Granada Spain AWOL Granada Cuisine - Food & Wine AWOL Granada Cuisine Tapas AWOL Granada Cuisine - Food & Wine

For history and culture, Granada is the original melting pot. This little piece of Andalusia boasts the blending of Muslim, Christian and Jewish civilisations. And going back even further we find traces of the Romans, Phoenicians, Iberians and Visigoths.

AWOL Granada City Alhambra (16) AWOL Granada City Alhambra (9) AWOL Granada Wedding Venues AWOL Granada City Alhambra (7)


All of these elements in the one unique location can be mixed and matched to suit you.

YOUR time, YOUR budget, YOUR style. The only limit is your imagination!

AWOL Events – Away With Our Love

Have you got a big event coming up? A birthday, anniversary, a corporate work do, hen or stag party? Why not make a weekend of it? We can organise an amazing event in a great location in Granada for you and fill the weekend with lots of fun activities.

Weddings Granada Spain Venues La Chumbera (3) AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events AWOL Holidays, Fiestas & Events

With AWOL, your holiday o event can be as organised as you want. Maybe you just want some advice on accommodation and prefer to organise the rest yourself.
Or you may want a whole package with a full itinerary of activities.

Whether it’s for 1 or 2 people or a large group,
no job is too big or too small for AWOL.