Al-Andalus Expreso Vintage Train Wedding Venue Granada, Spain

“Time can never go back, the essence of life is to go forth, life actually is a one way train.”

(Agatha Christie)


Al Andalus Expreso is perfect for an intimate wedding, with space inside the carriages for up to 50 people, just 20 minutes outside of the city of Granada

The Al Andalus Expreso was built by the British Crown request in 1929, for vacational purposes to  travel from Calais (north of France), to Côte d´Azur, following the magic atmosphere of the mythic Orient Express. In 1939, it was adquired by Spanish Railway Co., and its goal was turned into a luxury hotel train as it is known nowadays, in 1982. Today it is one of the most exclusive rolling palaces ever seen.

In 2003, Al Andalus Expreso, decides to change two of its coaches, to fit the times and its modern peculiarities, that is why these very two coaches are now settled in Las Gabias, Granada , where they have made their final stop.  One of them was a dining car and the other the kitchen, they belong to the series WR-3395, unique in the world. These two fragments of a bigger jewel, together with their own history are parts of a legacy of inestimable value. Many are the acknowledgements received in Spain and internationally, but the most valuable one is to have your presence in our journey.

Al Andalus Expreso´s decoration is different; noble wood carved, engraved glasses, oriental iconography …, all of it involving the guest in the spirit of the Belle Époque, the times of the stylish glamour, Charleston whose main leit motif was that of “Time can never go back, the essence of life is to go forth, life actually is a one way train.”

A very original and intimate wedding venue with top class cuisine to go with it.

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